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About Us

The Center for Family Connections provides  a range of therapy services to individuals and families for whom adoption, foster or kin relationships are or have been part of their life story. 

Our therapeutic approach with families, known as Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (aka Attachment-Focused Family Therapy), is aimed at helping children/youth develop security of attachment with their adoptive parents.  Assistance to the child/youth to resolve past relationship loss and/or trauma and become more adaptively integrated into their new family, school and community settings is an integral part of the counselling provided.  Therapy sessions include the child/youth and their caregivers.

Therapy services are also available to adopted adults seeking to explore how adoption has impacted their lives and/or wish to pursue adoption reunion. Adolescents and young adults who wish to re-connect with their families as well as birth family members are included in the therapy services provided.

We have offices located in  central and north Toronto as well as Scarborough. We also provide services in Hamilton and Cambridge, Ontario.

All practitioners at  the Center for Family Connections  are certified by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and the new College of Psychotherapists and come to practice with years of experience in their area of specialty.  As certified Social Workers & Psychotherapists, we  adhere to evidence based practices and consult with clinical supervisors while working with each client in order to provide informed, consistent service at all times.