Adolescence is a time for significant emotional, social, cognitive and behavior development.  Challenges can be expected along the way.  For some adolescents mood or anxiety problems can lead to daily struggles to contain their fears and worries, to manage persistent feelings of apprehension, panic, sadness or depression.

For youth in care, the transition to independence can also activate a lack of confidence that they will adaptively or effectively manage the inherent challenges. Supportive counselling and education to develop their life skills, and resolve underlying concerns associated with separation and loss is available.

Some adolescents and young adults seriously consider and engage in contact with and/or re-union with biological family members (siblings, parents and other extended family members).  These activities can result emotional and behavioral upheaval .  Counselling is available to assist these individuals and their present caregivers (foster, adoptive, kin) explore the meaning of these renewed contacts and assist them to positively manage the associated challenges.

Counselling with adolescents and young adults begins with an assessment of their identified concerns and the development of a plan for continued support, education and therapy. 

Individual Therapy for Adolescents and Young Adults

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